Chef who the fire does not burn

Oh sudah lama blog ini bersawang. harini terbuka hati nak pos gambar atau cerita lucu :-)Hari ini cerita pasal pakcik otai ni yang leh celup je tangan dia dalam minyak panas..memang power lah..kalau saya, terus jadi tangan goreng, rangup...:-P
Untuk sedutan beritanya..klik more pictures..

50-year taets similarly without consequences can pull out a ready meal, grabbing pasted pans without any tack and mittens. He will not have a single blister or reddening.

At the time, Kahn was in Guinness Book of Records for having pulled out of the red-hot 480 degrees oil 20 chicken breasts for 1 minute. Kahn was first discovered his unique talent seven years ago at the amazing circumstances. Rodent with a mango tree dropped directly into standing under a tree, a vessel full of boiling oil, fresh fruit. Molten fat flew in all directions, falling on his face and hands by men. And to his surprise, he then found no host no burns.

“Now I can roast vegetables or rice on a baking sheet directly with bare hands” says Kahn.

Their foci Three Chan soon earned international fame and tourists arriving in Chiang Mai, try not to miss a moment to visit the stall Three Chan, where he prepares food for sale. People like it and they do not cease to surprise his ability, disbelief and buy him a chicken just to see how he pulls her bare hands in boiling oil.

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