Giant SNAKE caught

Giant SNAKE caught in Malaysia jungle. Mengikut email yg diterima saya..
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2 Komentar untuk "Giant SNAKE caught"

Ular nie bukan dari Malaysia.

Nie stori asal :

Ular tu dari China.
Refer laman web:

Workers at Fushun, Liaoning, China, allegedly found a 17 meter snake while working with a shovel car this past August 4, 2009. They noticed blood in the sand, apparently the shovel had hit the creature, which died shortly afterwards. Some accounts tell it weighed 300kg, others a measly 103 kg, which is probably closer to reality.

As in so many photos of this kind, there is some forced perspective. Note how the leaves are close and also look unearthly big. We must have a reference, and the shovel seems to be half of the length of the bent snake, that is, the shovel is around a fourth of the creature’s original length.

Assuming a 1,5m length for the shovel, the snake would be around 6 meters in size, around a third of the claimed one.

Of course, it’s possible that that shovel was almost 5 meters in length. Those are small, but Chinese shovel cars, they must have superpowers. In any event, this is a curious photo, and a 20 feet snake is already something impressive

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